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Eggs are available! And other fabulous updates

Hello everyone! I hope you all have taken some time this summer to enjoy the world around you regardless of what that looks like this year. There is so much to be thankful for, even if you need to take a minute to reflect to find what that is at times.

This summer has been very busy for us on the farm! We've been busy with the garden and meat birds and goats and ducks, of course. The second batch of meat birds are enjoying fresh pasture moves twice daily and are doing VERY well. They've hit the stage where they are developing quickly and filling out nicely. I love doing farm chores and hearing them get so excited when they move to fresh pasture twice a day. I'm so grateful we get to raise these birds in the ways that are healthiest and most natural for them. The processing date for this second batch is set for labor day weekend (yes...we will be laboring that day ;-)

WE HAVE EGGS!! Many of you have been waiting for this announcement and it is finally here! Eggs are back in stock on a first-come, first-served basis. Eggs available daily both ON-FARM AND PARKER PICK UP. Our laying hens are, of course, pastured and fed an organic/non-GMO diet. Once you have Pronghorn Ridge farm fresh eggs you won't go back to store-bought/ stale/ tasteless eggs again! Here is a GREAT video on the benefits of pasture raised eggs:

The Turkeys have been enjoying gobbling...a lot. I say good morning to them in their language everyday. :-) They are getting so big! These guys crack me up on a daily basis! They are SO CURIOUS and want to follow you everywhere and get into whatever you are doing. They got to enjoy some free-range time plucking bugs from the garden while I was working out there this past Thursday. They didn't wander too far from me and were chattering to each other the whole time. These birds are all sold out and will be ready for processing in a few short weeks!

It's hard to believe that Fall is almost here, school is back in session (sort-of), planning for hunting season is underway, and our last batch of seasonal meat birds will be arriving next week! This year has been full of interesting world events, challenges and surprises, yet has still been rewarding and has FLOWN BY! We sincerely hope you and your loved ones are well. Enjoy each other and the time left of this summer and we will see you at the farm soon!

For the love of chicks, eggs and turkey gobbles-

Shanyn , Pronghorn Ridge Farm

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