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Family-Owned Business

Pronghorn Ridge has farming roots that run deep within our family lines. Joe and Shanyn moved to the Eastern plains of Colorado to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a farm. Shanyn has had a passion for growing her own food for many years to include taking over their city backyard for vegetable gardens and chickens. We have developed a strong stance against mainstream food practices and are determined to make a difference by growing nutritious food that's been raised as God intended. We pride ourselves on providing nutritious and delicious pastured poultry that has been loved and cared for by our family until it reaches yours. Visit our store to see all products we currently offer.


Our small (fabulous) family farm is focused on FAITH, HOLISTIC & REGENERATIVE FARMING and ANIMAL WELFARE.

We started this farm out of a God-given, deep-seated desire to produce FOOD THAT IS RAISED BETTER. We became disgusted with mainstream food practices using inhumane housing, feces filled feed-lots and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO's). The more we learned about where our food was coming from, the more motivated we became to provide a different option for ourselves and others. Fast forward to present day and we are DOING SOMETHING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the food industry. All our animals are pasture raised and treated with the utmost care from hatchling to finished product.

Pronghorn Ridge is focused on BUILDING HEALTHY SOIL through our holistic & regenerative farming practices.  We believe that in order to provide animals with the highest level of pastured nutrition (which in turn provides YOU with highest quality nutrient dense food), we must first focus on the soil. Healthy soil grows healthy pastures which grow healthier animals. We believe YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, EATS and we take that responsibility very seriously!

When you purchase from our family farm, you are not only buying high quality food, you are VOTING FOR A BETTER WAY.


We offer Chicken and Turkey that has been pasture raised and given nutritious supplemental, healthy feed their entire lives. Our poultry have access to fresh pasture daily and are part of the cycle for healthy soil as they deposit their valuable nitrogen back to the earth. This helps in our process of growing nutrient-dense pastures which sequesters carbon and provides biomass to avoid soil erosion. It's such a beautiful full-circle process of mutual benefits!

Our chicken and duck Egg Layers are also pastured and enjoy getting to patrol the gardens helping with natural pest control around the farm. They also claim they are best friends with the goats (but the goats deny this relationship).

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