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Pastured Organic Non-GMO Whole Chicken-JULY 2024 Pickup

Price here is pre-order deposit only (non-refundable, but credited towards final price). Final price is $8.35/pound finished weight. We try to average them around 4.5lbs, yet, nature is variable so they can weigh a little more or less (See "How Pre-Orders Work" for more info. Balance is due at pickup)** Pickup will be JULY 2024.


Our chicken is different than anything you can buy from the store. These are raised on high omega blend pasture, 100% ORGANIC NON-GMO feed, and packaged frozen as a whole roaster (neck included/no giblets). This is a unique way to raise poultry that is hard to find! Our beauties live a life the way God intended a chicken to live: Eating and scratching in the open air! You will taste the difference that more nutrient-dense food makes (and your body will thank you for it)!

Pastured Organic Non-GMO Whole Chicken-JULY 2024 Pickup

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