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2023 Pre-Orders are LIVE!

Hello all you farm-loving people! I AM EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT OUR 2023 PRE-ORDERS ARE NOW LIVE ON THE WEBSITE! We anticipate that all products will sell out quickly, so I hope you have your quick-clicking fingers ready!

After scaling back production last year on pastured chicken, we are so happy to announce a return of this product back to the farm for 2023! We are still offering our amazing pastured turkey as well. If you are hoping for a beautiful holiday turkey for 2023, I suggest you pre-order ASAP to hold your spot as there is limited availability.

As always, all of our poultry is pastured in the crisp open air of Eastern Colorado and our chickens are fed Organic, Non-GMO feed. A lot of you have recently asked about eggs and we do not have any in stock until Spring/Summer. We allow our girls the natural slow-down that occurs over the winter as God designed it. We do not force them to continue increased production by adding light or other tactics that are common in commercial poultry farming.

We hope you have had a wonderful holiday season and we hope to see you soon at the farm!

For the love of Chickens (and turkeys...and ducks....and goats...and llamas...and pretty much all the other critters ever),

Shanyn Cascia, Owner

Pronghorn Ridge Farm

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